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Document Holders: FlexDesk 630 Whiteboard

The Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk 630 Whiteboard is an extendable writing surface that doubles as a whiteboard.

FlexDesk 630 Whiteboard
by Bakker-Elkhuizen
Model # - BNEFDESK630WB

The FlexDesk 630 Whiteboard from Bakker Elkhuizen incorporates an easel that can be pulled closer (over the keyboard) to make taking notes easier, and retracted or stored when the writing task is complete. A thin hard foam strip prevents documents from sliding off the surface. There is a removable storage container hidden beneath the writing surface and a heavy magnet 'lock' that will keep the easel firmly in place when positioned upward.
FlexDesk 640

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
20.0" W x 13.0" D
3.0" - 4.0" H (front) to 4.5" - 6.75" H (back)
Easel: 18.5" W x 12.0" D
BNEFDESK630WB $220.00 No

Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk 630 Whiteboard Images

FlexDesk 630 Whiteboard

FlexDesk 630 Whiteboard

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