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Document Holders: FlexDesk

The Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk Adjustable Writing Surface can extend 6.25" towards you when you want to use it. The FlexDesk is made of clear acrylic; the easel is a sturdy heavy-duty acrylic that ensures a solid smooth writing surface. A thin hard foam strip prevents documents from sliding off the surface. A heavy magnet 'lock' keeps the easel firmly in place when positioned upward.

FlexDesk 640
by Bakker-Elkhuizen
Model # - BNEFDESK640A

The FlexDesk incorporates an adjustable writing surface that simplifies making notes on source documents while at the same time using a keyboard.
FlexDesk 640

Specifications Model Price In Stock?
20.0" W x 13.0" D
3.0" - 4.0" H (front) to 4.5" - 6.75" H (back)
Easel: 18.5" W x 12.0" D
BNEFDESK640A $195.00 No. Can be ordered.
BNEFDESK640A: Demo unit $150.00 Yes

Bakker Elkhuizen FlexDesk 640 Images

FlexDesk 640

FlexDesk 640 - with keyboard and monitor

FlexDesk 640 - with keyboard and monitor

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