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Products for children

Products for children are designed to encourage children to use the computer via colourful interfaces that are both attractive and easy to remember. Keys can be small to suit children's smaller fingers, such as on the My Kids keyboard, large to encourage greater accuracy and to overcome coordination difficulties, such as the EZ Type Keyboard or the BigKeys Keyboard, or have regular sized keys with large fonts, to encourage keyboard accuracy, such as the Keys-U-See for Kids.

EZ Type Keyboard with KidTrac Trackball

A colourful configuration such as this can encourage the most reluctant child to try a computer.

My Kids Keyboard
by A4Tech
Model # - KBS-6000B (blue)

The Mini Kids Keyboard is 2/3 the size of a standard keyboard. The distance between each individual keycaps was specially designed not only for children's small hands but also for computer users with smaller hands. The slanted 'A' layout of the keys provides a degree of relief from excessive ulnar deviation within the standard conventional keyboard footprint.
My Kids Keyboard

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
PS/2 KBS-6000B (blue) $60.00 Yes
14.2"L x 6.5"W x 1.2"H

EZ Type Keyboard
by Crayola
Model # - 11071

Bright colours, large keys, and the cartoon style font make this keyboard appealing to children (and some adults, too), and the QWERTY layout makes this a great tool for introducing touch typing. Recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • 82 key functionality (but no function keys)
  • 0.75" W x 0.875" D keycaps
  • Orthogonal key layout (i.e. keys are in a grid pattern, not staggered)
EZ Type Keyboard

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
19.0" W x 6.75" D x 1.1875"H 11071 $40.00 No
Note: Currently unavailable

Keys-U-See for Kids
by Genesis Worldwide Enterprises

Click here for the Keys-U-See for Kids.
Keys-U-See for Kids

KidTrac Switch Adapted
by Clearly Superior Technologies

Click here for the Clearly Superior Technologies KidTrac.

by Clearly Superior Technologies
Model # - CST1350 (USB)

KidTrac is designed with the whole family in mind. For the kid in everyone, the color scheme is a bold combination of primary colors: blue, green, red, yellow, and white. The KidTrac has extra large buttons that are easy to find and click, for big and little hands alike. The 2.25" diameter ball is secured to prevent it from being thrown, eaten of lost.

The low profile of the KidTrack acts as a natural hand rest mirroring the natural contour of your hand. Designed to easily accommodate both right and left-hand users. You'll enjoy this trackball's ability to dynamically accelerate across the screen as the ball is turned. No need to move your arm to rotate your wrist from side to side. The special "Ambidextrous Trackball" feature allows switching from left to right-handed use without changing your system settings.

Note: For switch-adapted trackballs, click here.

Specifications: Model: Price: In Stock?
USB CST1350 $107.50 No

by Clearly Superior Technologies

Click here for the Clearly Superior Technologies MicroTrac Trackball.

Big Keys Keyboard LX
by Greystone Digital
Click here for the Big Keys Keyboard LX. Big Keys Keyboard LX

TypeMatrix USB EZ Reach Keyboard
by Typematrix

Click here for the TypeMatrix USB EZ Reach Keyboard.
TypeMatrix USB EZ Reach

BeanBag Schooldesk Table
by Carliss Industries

Click here for the BeanBag Schooldesk Table.
<BeanBag Schooldesk Table

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