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Book Holders: Slim Atlas

The Dainoff Designs Slim Atlas has the same design as the Standard Atlas but in a compact package (the easel of the Slim Atlas is 7.5" wide while the easel for the Atlas Standard is 11" wide). The Slim Atlas is practical for holding standard letter and legal-sized documents, and can also accommodate three-ring binders, reference texts, manuals, as well as short documents.

Slim Atlas Book Holder
by Dainoff Designs
Model # - AT-SLIM-BIR (birch)

The Slim Atlas has page stoppers to ensure that books and binders stay open and pages don't turn unintentionally. The Atlas is made out of vinyl coated medium density fiberboard in birchwood veneer.

Slim Atlas Book Holder

Specifications: Model Price:
Shelf: 8.5" x 3.0"
Easel: 7.5" x 14.25"
Angle Adjustability: 13 to 62, 11 increments
AT-SLIM-BIR (birch) $110.00

Atlas Slim Book Holder Images

Atlas Slim Book Holder

Atlas Slim Book Holder

Atlas Slim Book Holder

Atlas Slim Book Holder

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