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Book Holders: Atlas LC Book Holder

The Atlas-LC book holder is designed for professional library usage:

  • Holds many types of documents, including documents in three-ring binders, large, awkward, small, short, bound, loose-leaf, thick, single sheet, fan-fold, and stapled documents.
  • Is specifically designed for library cataloging. The deeper shelf reflects the fact that cataloging requires primarily the first few pages of a book.
  • Available in black only.

Atlas LC Book Holder
by Dainoff Designs
Model # - AT-LC-BLK (black)

The Atlas LC holds thicker books than the Standard Atlas. It is especially useful for thick books where the first few pages are being referenced, as the shelf is 4" deep as compared to 3" deep on the Standard Atlas.

A reversible line guide lets you select the wide side for viewing across a page, or the narrow side for columns of text. The supporting cord of this counter-balanced device can be black to mark vertical areas, or nearly transparent.

The spring-loaded clip holds a stack of documents up to 2" thick and is transparent, allowing you to see the documents underneath.

Atlas LC Book Holder

Click here for the Atlas Comparison Table.

Specifications: Model: Price:
Shelf: 14.5" W x 4.0" D AT-LC-BLK (black) $120.00
Easel: 12" H x 14.5" W
Angle Adjustability: 13 to 62, 11 increments

Atlas LC Book Holder Images

Atlas LCBook Holder

Atlas LCBook Holder

Atlas LCBook Holder

Atlas LCBook Holder

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