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Atlas Book Holders Comparison Table

This table compares three models of Atlas book bolders:

Atlas Standard

This is the model that will do the most for most people. It's great for students, readers, academics, clergy, accountants, secretaries, data entry workers, writers, editors almost anyone! It's often recommended for persons with physical limitations.

Atlas Ultra

This model has all the height adjustability of the Atlas Standard, but only two angles of adjustability. Like the Atlas Standard, the Ultra only needs an 11" x 11" footprint.


This model is specifically designed for library cataloging, in cooperation with a major U.S. library. Its deeper shelf reflects the fact that cataloging requires primarily the first few pages of a book. The Atlas-LC is also useful for other heavy-duty tasks.


Atlas Standard

Atlas Ultra


Product Picture Atlas Standard Atlas Ultra Atlas-LC
Synopsis The most versatile for the most people, with full adjustability. More portable with fewer parts, but less angle adjustability. Extremely heavy duty, designed for professional library use.
Weight Capacity Over 25 lbs
Height Adjustment 10 positions over 11.25"
Angle adjustment 49 over 11 positions 15 or 30 51 over 11 positions
Footprint 11" x 11" 12" wide x 11" deep
Overall Height 8.25" to 15.25" 13.25 to 14.5" 8" to 15"
Back 11" wide x 14.5" high x 0.5" thick 12" wide x 14.5" high x 0.5" thick
Shelf Picture Atlas Standard Shelf Atlas Ultra Shelf Atlas-LC Shelf
Shelf 14.5" wide x 3" deep x 0.5" thick 14" wide x 3" deep x 0.5" thick 14.5" wide x 4" deep x 0.5" thick
Shelf page stopper positions 26 22 32
Page stoppers Metal dowels, 3/16" diameter, 2 short (1.25"-1.5"), 2 long (2.5")
Shelf raised page catchers 6 None 15
Shelf attachment to back 2 metal dowels Tongue and groove 3 metal dowels
Weight 5.9 lbs 5.5 lbs 6.2 lbs
Materials Vinyl coated MDF Trespa or Formica Vinyl coated MDF
Warranty Guaranteed for one year against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is limited to refund, replacement, or repair of the book holder. Further details appear in the Owner's Guide.





Standard Colour BirchCherryMahoganyBlack
Ultra Colour Stone BeigeSilver/GrayWild PearBlack
LC No options

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