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Ergonomic Products and Services

Assessment Service

The Assessment Service is available on a fee-for-service basis. The fee for these services is $100/hour.

This service includes ergonomic assessments, installation of ergonomic products, and training in the operation of ergonomic products.

What is an Assessment?

Assessments are often required as part of an insurance or compensation procedure. The assessment includes:

  • Review of the existing condition (including review of documentation).
  • Trial of different ergonomic devices.
  • Instruction regarding good ergonomics.
  • Written report with recommendations.

Note: These services are only available in the greater Vancouver area.

Ergonomic Assessments

  • An Ergo Vancouver representative visits your worksite to evaluate the ergonomics of your computer workstation.
  • Alternative mice and keyboards will be available for trial during the assessment. This allows you to evaluate alternative devices before purchasing. Prior to the assessment, please discuss with Ergo Vancouver the type of equipment you would like to evaluate during the assessment. Note: It is not possible to demonstrate some items, like keyboard arms and trays, during an assessment.
  • If required, a report will be provided describing changes that could be made and alternative devices you might use to make your workstation more ergonomic.

Installation of Ergonomic Products

  • To assist you in setting up your new devices to ensure they are working properly.
  • To help you create the most ergonomic arrangement of your workstation.
  • Note: This service is available only for those products purchased from Ergo Vancouver.


  • Training in the operation of devices can be provided.
  • Note: This service is available only for those products purchased from Ergo Vancouver.


  • Ergonomic Assessments (including report preparation): $100/hour
  • Training: $100/hour

Other notes regarding fees:

  • Travel time and incidental travel expenses (parking, tolls, etc.) will be added.
  • Reviewing of documentation, such as assessment reports, is extra.
  • Product delivery charges are extra.
  • Plan your assessment. Identify what problems you are trying to address. Ergo Vancouver can provide you with an estimate.

Things you can do to keep assessment costs under control:

  • Provide clear information about the problems that you wish to address in an assessment.
  • Identify medical conditions that are relevant to the problems you are experiencing.
  • Provide Ergo Vancouver with images of your workstation. Discuss this with Ergo Vancouver before sending images.