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Arm supports: Universal Forearm Support

The Universal Forearm Support by Sun-Flex is a forearm support which can be retrofitted onto most standard desks and tables. The asymmetric shape forms a centralized working position for your workstation. Works well with central pointing devices such as the RollerMouse and Mousetrapper.

Universal Forearm Support
by Sun-Flex
Model # - 410390

The Universal Forearm Support is composed of mixed materials to optimize the soft and yet sturdy support. The core of the product is made of EU certified and approved wooden material with a steel plate providing extra support to make sure the product is sturdy.

The top cover material is made in skai (a synthetic leather). This material facilitates slideing from left to right when typing or performing other tasks in front of the keyboard. The Universal Forearm Support has mixed PU foam interior padding and comes with a set of two Z-shaped brackets to fit most desks.
Universal Forearm Support

Description Model Price In Stock?
Width 683mm Height 20 mm Depth: 210 mm 410390 $120.00 No

Universal Forearm Support Images

Universal Forearm Support

Universal Forearm Support

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