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Confluence Conference Table

Confluence Conference Table
by Focal Upright Furniture
Model # - FBT-1000-BK-94 (black laminate, 94")
Model # - FBT-1000-DE-94 (white dry erase, 94")
Model # - FBT-1000-OA-94 (white oak veneer, 94")
Model # - FBT-1000-WA-94 (black walnut veneer, 94")
Model # - FCT-1000-BK-78 (black laminate, 78")
Model # - FBT-1000-DE-94 (white dry erase, 78")

Confluence Conference Tables from Focal Upright Furniture are designed to be used while standing, or while leaning on a sit-stand stool (such as the Mobis or Mogo Seats).

These Confluence Conference Tables feature a sturdy, eco-friendly manually operated base with dual hand-cranks, making them easy to adjust from either end. The tables can be adjusted for optimum height anywhere between 36" and 48". A heavy stainless steel base and footrail provide stability for the table as well as a convenient footrest for standing users. The footrail also offers a natural bracing point for users of the Focal Upright Mobis Seat or Mogo Stool and other types of leaning seats.

All models feature a convenient cable hatch in the centre that permits cables, power cords, and markers to be stored neatly away, without restricting easy access to these items.
Confluence Conference Table

Specifications: Model Price:
Black laminate FBT-1000-BK-94 $1,975.00
White Dry Erase FBT-1000-DE-94 $1,975.00
White Oak Veneer FBT-1000-OA-94 $1,975.00
Black Walnut FBT-1000-WA-94 $2,600.00
Black laminate FCT-1000-BK-78 $1,800.00
White Dry Erase FCT-1000-DE-78 $2,350.00

Confluence Conference Table Images

Confluence Conference Table
Confluence Conference Table

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