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Locus Sphere Desk

Locus Sphere Desk
by Focal Upright Furniture
Model # - LET-1000-WA (walnut veneer)
Model # - LET-1000-OA (oak veneer)
Model # -LET-1000-BK (black melamine)

The Locus Sphere Desk is a height and angle adjustable standing desk. It is ideally suited as the worksurface for the Locus Seat from Focal Upright Furniture. The worksurface height can be adjusted effortlessly from 36" to 48" above the floor. The gears are 'one-to-two' to reduce the number of rotations required for movement, and are self locking so the worksurface will not slip once set. The angle of the worksurface can be adjusted from level to 15°and there are leveling feet on the base. The desk is constructed of a powder-coated extruded and cast aluminum base.

The worksurface is 78" W x 31" D x 0.75" H and features an organic 'arc' design. It is composed of hardwood plywood with three layers of polyurethane varnish on the veneers (Black Walnut or White Oak) or a melamine laminate (Matte Black).

Accessories include a Sphere Stay Flat Shelf (48" W x 10" D x 0.75" H) which is a secondary raised surface which is always level regardless of adjustments to the primary worksurface. Other accessories include a Cable Management System and an IMAC Monitor Bracket. As mentioned earlier, this product is perfectly complemented by the Locus Seat.
Locus Sphere Desk

Specifications: Model Price:
Sphere Desk, Black Walnut Veneer LET-1000-WA $1,850.00
Sphere Desk, White Oak Veneer LET-1000-OA $1,850.00
Sphere Desk, Matte Black Melamine LET-1000-BK $1,850.00
Sphere Stay Flat Shelf, Black Walnut Veneer SSB-1000-WA $290.00
Sphere Stay Flat Shelf, White Oak Veneer SSB-1000-OA $290.00
Sphere Stay Flat Shelf, Black Melamine SSB-1000-BK $290.00
Cable Management Tray FWM-1000 $107.50
iMac Bracket FIB-1000 $65.00

Locus Sphere Desk Images

Locus Sphere Desk
Locus Sphere Desk with Sphere Stay Flat Shelf and Locus Seat

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